Monday, October 6, 2014

Listener Questions?

Here at the Backspace, we can get a little lonely. Okay, very lonely. So here's the thing...

We would like you the listener (or viewer, if you're consuming us on our amazing  YouTube  channel) to talk to us. You know, ask us questions, have a voice, something to say - interaction if you will.

We might even resort to outright bribery. That's right. You ask us a question, and we might give you a free Steam code to a random game of our choosing. Sounds like a sort of fair deal, doesn't it?

So send us an email (the link is over to the right side of this page... riiiight over there --> ) - and we'll answer it on air. And if we find it especially amusing, we'll give you a free Steam key for something. 

How does that sound? Good? Mediocre? Desperate? Let us know!

- The Backspace guys

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