Thursday, July 24, 2014

Danny Jay Plays: WildStar - Episode 2 - Flip all the tables

Frustration sets in as Danny Jay tries to figure out the baffling world of Wildstar with housing, fed-ex quests and a needlessly complicated level advancement system.

It seems that Wildstar is filled with elements of clickbait, and "Sims-like" tasks to keep their users engaged in the MMO world. The world itself is interesting enough, and exploration can be rewarding especially if you're the type of person to 'stop and smell the roses'.

Wildstar is lacking in a few departments, mostly due to lack of user adoption, so the world feels kind of lonely, also a lot of quests leave you to figure things out on your own without any hints or clear indication of how to proceed - which can lead to frustration quite often.

Does Dan ragequit? Watch to see what happens...

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